Omega Beta Iota
Osteopathic Political Action Honor Society
Omega Beta Iota, the National Osteopathic Political Action Honor Society, was founded in 2007 to emphasize the importance of the work medical students do for our political system. Induction into OBI is an honorary recognition for politically active medical students and professional mentors who demonstrate excellence in healthcare politics.

Applicants are expected to meet certain standards, such as: leadership in organizational roles, membership in various osteopathic organizations, grassroots political activism, and participation in political events at the state and national levels. The induction ceremony is held annually in Washington, DC surrounding DO Day on the Hill events.

(Please email any questions to: Gabrielle RozenbergNational Director     OR    Saamia Shaikh, National Membership Chair )

Our current Members!

Andrew Cudmore, Ashley Gabriel, Alexander Senetar, Alexander Smith, Amy Wilson, Brittany Cross, Breanne Hirshman, Caleb DeMoss, Celsa Tonelli, Christopher Topping, Daniel Lefkowitz, Dominic Woodson, Elise Craig, Erin Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Gibbs, Eric Goldwaser, Frank Cusimano, Frederick Stine, Ginger Cupit, Gavin Kuns, Gabrielle Rozenberg, Gina Routh, Hannah Simpson, Hannah Stewart, Harika Kantameni, James Corines, James Distin, Jordan Hitchens, Jennifer King, Jason Wiguna, Jessica Richter, Jessica Mormando, Jonathon Meadows, Justin Penny, Kathleen Collins, Katie VanNatta, Krishna Patel, Kate Taylor, Lauren Delana, Marie Bergmeyer, Lindsey Welch, Louisa Sethi, Lucas Littleton, Luke King, Martin Herrera, Maryselle Winters, Matthew Costa, Megha Patel, Michelle Helton, Mihika Batavia, Michael McKenna, Kanad Mukherjee, Myles Fisher, Neil Bhatela, Nicholas Elliott, Nicholas Marburger, Payal Aggarwal, Paul Robbins, Ricky Patel, Rizwan Ahmed, Robert Kleyman, Ryan Starr, Saamia Shaikh, Samantha Ward, Sarah Manners, Shumaia Rahman, Taylor Craft, Taylor Shaw, Thanh Luu, Venus Olivia, Wesley Jones, Zachary Griggs,


2015-2016 National Board Members
 Gabrielle Rozenberg, National Director
Kristen Balkam, National Operations Chair
 Saamia Shaikh, National Membership Chair
Houston Lui, National Treasurer
 Frank Cusimano, Public Relations Coordinator
 Caleb DeMoss, Chapters Liaison
Dominic Woodson, First Year Liaison