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Start your path to induction into Omega Beta Iota today!

Step 1: Memberships
Applicants for induction into Omega Beta Iota are expected to have active membership in the following organizations:
All osteopathic medical students are members of the AOA. If you do not know your AOA ID, or have not received one, please follow the link above to contact the AOA about membership.
Omega Beta Iota is an affiliate organization of SOMA, and thus membership is expected for induction. Please follow the link above, or contact your local chapter membership coordinator for more information. Applications can include proof of active SOMA membership via a letter from your current local SOMA president.
Membership in the OPAC Student Chairman's Club is encouraged for induction into Omega Beta Iota, but is not required.
Receive periodic emails with issue summaries, talking points, and calls to action, as well as Washington Updates with Web links for more information.

Step 2: Advocacy
Applicants must provide evidence of political advocacy to be considered for induction into Omega Beta Iota. To strengthen your application, consider participating for more than one year:

You must at least participate in the D.O. Day on Capitol Hill event during the period of application. 
  • Local Political Advocacy
You must provide evidence of local political advocacy to be validated and approved at the discretion of the National Director of Omega Beta Iota. Some examples are: letter-writing, lobbying at the state capitol, volunteering for local campaigns, etc. For more information from the AOA about political advocacy, please click here.

Step 3: Letter of Recommendation

Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from a non-student member of the osteopathic community attesting to their personal character and dedication to political activism to be considered for induction into Omega Beta Iota.

Step 4: Additional Activities

Omega Beta Iota looks favorably upon leadership and activism beyond that listed in the minimum requirements listed above. Examples of advanced qualifications include, but are not limited to: leadership roles in medical school organizations, leadership roles in national osteopathic organizations, participation in D.O. Day on Capitol Hill for more than one year, and other activities that demonstrate excellence in healthcare politics. Please be sure to pursue these additional activities and include documentation with your application to further enhance your application.

Step 5: Induction Ceremony
Each year, Omega Beta Iota welcomes a new class of inductees at an induction ceremony timed around D.O. Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Attendance at this induction ceremony is mandatory for new inductees. Applicants who are invited for induction will be notified with further details. Anyone who applies is demonstrating their desire to develop their political activism, so please continue your strong work! Applicants are encouraged to reapply if not chosen for induction their first year.