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Common Application Mistakes to Avoid:


  1. Applicants must reach out to the OBI Membership Chair if they will submit a late application for consideration. Late submissions are not guaranteed a review.

  2. No late submissions (partial or complete) will be accepted unless there are qualifying circumstances.  The OBI Board will review each submission carefully and follow-up with applicants as needed.

  3. Not meeting the minimum requirements. All applicants must meet the requirements listed in Category 1, in-addition at least one requirement from both Categories 2 & 3 of the application.

  4. Unfortunately, letters of recommendation will not be accepted past the deadline, unless there are qualifying circumstances.

  5. Do not reuse a letter of recommendation that was drafted for another activity or application.

  6. Late or no verification of involvement in various activities that require a letter confirming participation.

  7. Please remember to include any advocacy engagement activities before and/or during your enrollment in medical school.  

    Note: When reviewing applications, members of the OBI Board place a high value on local political involvement and advocacy before or during medical school. OBI Board Members may not be familiar with the context of your activities, so we ask that you please discuss in detail the roles in your past or ongoing activities so that we may fully understand the full scope of your efforts.

  8. If you are a previous applicant and cannot show improvement from your last application cycle, please wait for the next application cycle for your submission.

  9. Please do not submit an application that is difficult to read or follow. Applications that do not follow the provided application format will not be considered.

  10. Falsification of any portion of the application will automatically disqualify any submission. Additionally, if it is proven that any OBI Member has provided false information within their submission for membership, their membership will immediately be revoked and a lifetime membership ban applied.

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